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Company Description

Kathy Shimpock, "Nana's Tree," 2000. Watercolor.

Symbols of Soul will help you discover and explore your own inner wisdom. You can learn to interpret and understand those messages which show up in your daily life as metaphors, symbols, images and synchronicities. All the answers that you seek are within you. With these answers, you will find your own life’s purpose and begin to live more authentically.

The tools for your transformation include:

  • Transpersonal hypnotherapy & guided imagery meditations;

  • Reiki and other energy work;

  • Spiritual guidance mentoring - spiritual direction, depth coaching and guidance on meditation and dream interpretation;

  • Art - meditation mandalas, SoulCollage® and spiritual art;

  • Storytelling;

  • Ceremonies commemorating major life events (including weddings, christenings, home blessings, graduations and birthdays; transitions such as divorce, moon (first menses), funerals, and wise woman rituals; and healings).

With Symbols of Soul you will decipher the world beyond your eyes embracing your own inner guidance. You will be able to use these tools to assist you in making transformative change leading to greater health, wellness, creativity and intuition!



Our vision: "Changing within to change the world, we awaken one life at a time."

Our mission: "Our mission is to enhance health, wellness, creativity and intuition through the use of symbols, metaphors and imagery. We value the individual journey to awakening which leads to transformative change."

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