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Symbols of Soul provides a variety of workshops in the areas of health, wellness, creativity and intuition. Please contact us for specific information about upcoming workshops, customized workshops for your group or keynote addresses.


“The most important thing is to hold on, hold out, for your creative life, for your solitude, for your time to be and do, for your very life.” Clarrisa Pinkola Estes

Health, Wellness

Reiki, Meditation, Stress & Pain Management


Reiki is the ancient art of healing through the use of energy. Reiki can be learned, practiced, and taught in different degrees. Reiki training is simply referred to as first, second, and third degree Reiki levels. Classes are offered one-on-one or in a small group setting. All participants receive an instructional binder.


Discover the practice of meditation in this day long workshop. Learn the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits to this practice and how meditation can enhance your life. Together we will explore various meditative practices from different traditions including mindfulness, breath, affirmation or mantra, and meditating with an object. Even 3 to 5 minutes a day of meditation can make a profound difference in your life—bringing you greater peace, health and joy. Come and experience this ancient spiritual practice for yourself!

Stress Management

This seminar begins by educating you on the common sources of stress and how stress may significantly impact your health. It provides practical, workable techniques using holistic means to effectively manage the stress and pressure that face many people today. These practices include meditation, mindfulness, guided imagery, relaxation techniques, retraining and reframing thoughts, and exercises from the world of positive psychology.


Pain Management

Discover holistic practices and develop coping skills for non-pharmacological pain management, stress and anxiety. This workshop details the impact of pain on well-being and providing helpful self-care solutions. These practices including deep breathing, meridian tapping, guided imagery, relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, energy work, meditation and thought reframing. As we bring relaxation to the body and peace to the mind and spirit, our relationship to pain changes often bringing the relief we seek.


SoulCollage® & Mandalas

SoulCollage® is an intuitive process by which you create a personal deck of cards, each one expressing unique aspects of your personality, life and spirit. Each card has deep meaning and may be helpful for exploring life’s questions. The process is creative, involving the compilation of found images. As cards are created, personal themes and patterns emerge. Over time, as we develop a personal set of cards, we begin to see how our lives are woven into the greater divine mystery.

The SoulCollage® process, as based on the work of Seena Frost, is a helpful tool for both personal and spiritual growth. This process can be experienced in both introductory or advanced workshops and in monthly meetings to discuss personal insights. As you create your own collaged cards from found images, you will learn more about your own personality, life and spirit. Together as a community we’ll share a time for guided imagery, card making and even experience a “card reading.”Remember in SoulCollage®, everyone is an artist!



In this workshop, we create mandalas (using various medias), and gain insight through guided imagery, meditation and journaling exercises. Mandalas are a tool for self-regeneration, providing an alignment of body, mind and spirit. Mandalas may also be used to unlock your own creativity. No previous art experience is required. 

As the Jungian psychologist Robert Johnson once said, "Never before has mankind been in such need of the healing power of the mandala as at present."


Awakening Intuition, Journaling, Life Purpose



The intuition workshops will help you explore your own inner wisdom. You can learn to interpret and understand the intuitive messages that show up in your daily life as metaphors, symbols, images and synchronicities. Together we will discuss the wisdom of the ancients, from Carl Jung and the great American psychic, Edgar Cayce. Together we will learn to decipher the spirit world beyond our eyes embracing our own inner guidance. In these workshops you will learn to trust your intuition and to start applying it to every aspect of your life. As your intuition grows so will the quality of your life!


The daily practice of writing in a journal is a simple tool for spiritual insight, mental clarity and physical health.

Keeping a journal is different than keeping a diary or logbook. The difference is one of focus - inward versus outward. A journal is a deeper, more focused collection of questions, answers and musings, rather than a simple catalog of day to day events. This is a place where you can truly learn about yourself, share your darkest secrets and uncover your shinning dreams. The dialogue that you begin with yourself can be the start of a lifelong friendship. It has the potential to bear surprising insights, enhance problem solving, increase creativity, support truth-telling, and foster understanding and self-confidence.


Discover Your Life Purpose

Join an adventure in which you seek out your life purpose and create your personal mission. The tools we will use are journaling and the creation of personal art. You will be the explorer in this psycho/spiritual journey and Symbols of Soul will be your guide. (Think of yourself as Indiana Jones, if you will.) Each week you will be sent an email with a journaling prompt. Sometime during the week you will journal or ponder the question. If you have any insights or questions, you will receive further clarification.

During this time, you will develop a statement indicating your life purpose and a mission statement (for this point in your life). Toward the end of this process you will uncover some personal symbols to create what Edgar Cayce calls your "life seal." It is analogous to a personal life crest. This will be a very creative process that does not require any artistic skill for achievement.

Kathy Shimpock, "Hummingbirds from Marsha's Mandala," 2010. Watercolor.

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