Our Podcasts & Videos

The Wise Crone Cottage Podcast includes stories by Kathy Shimpock.  Here we'll meet the crone and uncover her wisdom as found in fairy tales, folktales and myths.  New episodes are released the fourth Sunday of each month.

Guided imagery meditations portraying the beauty and mystery of nature all are created by Symbols of Soul for our YouTube channel.  Guided meditations reduce stress: bringing relaxation and positive change through the use of imagery. Allow your mind to drift and float as you watch the pictures before you and listen to the words and music. Don't worry if you don't hear every word. Your subconscious mind will follow and make the changes needed for your highest good.

"The Story of One World," Kathy Shimpock.
"The Otherworld," Kathy Shimpock.
"Awaken to Wonder," Kathy Shimpock.