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  • Kathy Shimpock

The Wise Old Woman Archetype It's story time

As a storyteller, I share the stories of old. I especially like the tales in which the wise old woman/crone appears. I tell many of her stories. I believe that in the old stories we can find some of our lost wisdom. We might even discover what our role was in the past and our place in the world.

I’ve been writing and speaking about these stories in my blog and podcast for many years at the “Wise Crone Cottage” website. If you are interested in folktales, fairy tales and myths, you can start by reading “The Triple Goddess – Celtic Story & Mythology” to learn about the maiden, mother, crone.


  1. What do you think about the relationship between the maiden, mother and crone?

  2. What did the ancient Celts know that we might have forgotten?

  3. What does the crone have to offer the maiden and the mother? What do they have to offer her?

If you are interested in reading more stories, check out my blog and podcast found at the “Wise Crone Cottage in the Woods.”

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